Getting Started

Welcome to the Payscout developer portal.

While our goal was to make a fast, secure and worldwide PCI compliant gateway, our passion was to make connecting and integrating it as seamless as possible.

The Developer Portal is here to help make integrating quick, and painless. Whether Java, C++, PHP, DOT NET, Ruby, IOS or even Unity3d we have sample code for you. If needed, modules for the most popular applications like Wordpress, Magento, Opencart, are available as well.

We know no one wants to read boring manuals, so grab some sample code, or use a premade module. If you need to further customize your integration, we have simplified API docs, test credit card numbers, and a sandbox testing environment.

We provide support from an engineering team that is actively working on the gateway, not a call center around the world ignoring your specific questions. If you require any assistance, you may reach us at or call 888-689-6088.

Our commitment to you is we will simplify your integration, no matter what it takes. We will assign competent staff and we are receptive to your ideas, and needs even if that means we need to write you something custom!